We are not VCs. We are not traders. We are not advisors.


We are Founders.





noun: cofoundant; plural noun: cofoundants


An elite founder who, after having started his or her own successful business(es), now assists other founders start successful businesses, institutions or movements.


Use: "he was the Cofoundant of the company"

We Are...

The warriors. The technologists. The hustlers. The executors. The strategists. The marketers. The engineers. The storytellers. We are everything a good Founder is. 

We have been on the Founding Teams of great companies, who took on the world and won.

 Now, we get involved in great early stage companies, technologies and ideas and make them win. Not like an advisor or VC would...

...like a Co-Founder would.

We are CoFoundant.

The CoFoundants​

Cofoundants are all founders of previous successful companies. They choose to work with exciting early stage projects because they want to and are passionate. Not because they have to. 


Christopher Masanto is the CEO and Founder of Altitude Ads, one of the U.K.’s fastest growing digital marketing Companies. Prior to this, Chris spent 4 years as an independent internet marketer, generating over $30m in online sales for numerous businesses. Chris has previously worked at Nielsen, where he became the youngest regional product manager in the Company, eventually rolling out landmark mobile analytics solutions across the Asia Pacific region.

Chris Rose graduated with a Computer Science degree from Warwick University. He previously held international positions as a software engineer and solutions architect at Vodafone and Ericsson prior to co-founding an enterprise innovation consultancy, ROCO Partners. As CTO for ROCO Partners, he led a disruptive IOT project that was awarded the 2016 Corporate Entrepreneur award. Chris also co-founded e-commerce startup Altitude Shoes, one of the UK’s largest niche online shoe retailers.


Damian Grabarczyk is a Co-founder and managing director of Organica, one of the fastest growing online beauty brands in 2017. Previous to this, Damian has worked as a software engineer at First Sports International where he worked on a major project that was later deployed on a massive scale by sporting associations such as Wimbledon, Rugby Football Union and Football Association of Wales. Damian graduated with a Computer Science degree from the University of Brighton and represents a unique blend of founding, marketing and engineering experience.

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